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Rockwell Collins Avionics Learning Center

Mail Station 153-120
400 Collins Road NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498 U.S.A.
Registrar Fax: 319.295.1542
Registrar Phone: 319.295.4672

In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Learning Center
Mail Station: 518-100
1833 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606 U.S.A.
Registrar Fax: 319.295.1542
Registrar Phone: 319-295-4672

Rockwell Collins Toulouse Learning Center
Mail Station 726-100
6 Avenue Didier Daurat
B.P. No. 20008
31701 Blagnac, Cedex France
Fax: + 33 5 61 71 78 87
Phone: + 33 5 61 71 78 10
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Asia Pacific
Registrar Fax: +1.319.295.1542
Registrar Phone: +1.319-295-4672

Starting August 4th our courses offered on the Preauthroized Training
web page will be moving into the formalized Learning Management System.

This will mean that you as a customer will have visibility to all
the courses you have completed in one place. At the end of August we
will be closing down the Preauthorized training page and will have new
look and feel ported into our new site at
The site is currently live, so please go and check out our new layout.

With these changes here is what this means to you:

CUSTOMERS/DEALERS: Customers and Dealers will still have access
to the training that is currently on the Preauthorized webpage,
however each student will now be required to log in and create a portal

Customers will contact the training registrar (Email or 319-295-4672)
for specific instructions for the requested training. They then will
receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access their requested CBT.

ROCKWELL COLLINS EMPLOYEES: Rockwell Collins Employees will
now access all of the Preauthorized Training via the Rockwell Collins


If you have been provided an access code select the course you have requested to take. Once you select the course a pop-up window will appear, enter the code in the code field and click "Ok". The training will launch in a new window.

Training Courses_____________________

IPS and DCS Installation and Handling

Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 Upgrade(Operator) - CBT

Cursor Control Panel Maintenance (CCP-6000)

Cursor Control Panel Maintenance

King Air Pro Line Fusion (Pilot Operator) - CBT

King Air Pro Line Fusion (Maintenance) - CBT

Pro Line 2 to Pro Line Fusion (Pilot Operator) - CBT

Pro Line 2 to Pro Line Fusion (Maintenance) - CBT

737 MAX Display System Familiarization - CBT

MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar - CBT

Airbus MultiScan Radar - CBT

Boeing MultiScan Radar - CBT

Boeing 787 MultiScan Radar - CBT

Bombardier 300 MultiScan Radar - CBT

Bombardier 5000 - 6000 MultiScan Radar - CBT